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Escape the Lobby

2011-10-11 02:36:51 by foosearts


Escape the Anus

2011-04-06 02:11:51 by foosearts

Finally. its out... MY GAME IS A PEACOCK, WATCH IT FLY!!!

Escape the Store 3D Update

2010-01-29 22:06:53 by foosearts

wellllll, there's been a huge delay, mainly people going back to school, so Escape the Store might be released the February. Srry fans!

News on Escape the Store 3D

2009-12-11 02:03:49 by foosearts

OK, after effing finals getting in the way, the sequel to Escape the Bathroom 3D is due to be released before New Years! This time, you will be escaping a retail store. More items, harder difficulty, took our beta testers so far an average 15 minutes to beat, and of course, more narration.

2d/3d artist - Foose Arts
Lead Programmer - Foose Arts
Secondary Programmer - Skynet Enterprises
Voice Actor / Narrator - Foose Arts
Produced by - Geek Montage
Sponsored by - NG of course :D

Finally! this game is MUCH bigger and more flexible than Escape the Bathroom. So far it boasts 34 default cameras (close ups NOT included in this count) and you have a few unique features unlike the other Escape games out there. For instance, you have the ability to turn 4 different directions on the spot for EACH movement (except for close ups). I commonly see escape games where you can turn a few times, but only at certain places.

We're addressing the problems/complaints from the first, this time we're lengthening the game by a lot, including more puzzles and more voice overs from.. well.. me!

I have a mid term to study for. And I haven't slept a wink yet. Peace.

Doing an asian voice

2009-10-13 03:30:50 by foosearts

ya know, doing an asian voice is the hardest thing for me. its down right frustrating. its a shame because i am asian. yet i suck at being one. im what they called "a peeled bananna" no longer yellow outside!



2009-09-29 06:55:12 by foosearts

ok! ok! Escape the bathroom is nearly done! Now I'm making a sequel, escape the store, which is more of a tribute to my old job with my buddies, but still fun as hell.

Finally.... peace... for now..

2009-09-22 22:24:09 by foosearts

yay. i finished all the revisions. Now the game is at Beta 2.6 and its near completion. I might post a beta version here then replace it with the actualy version later on, depending on feedback fro y'all. But this game is pretty cool, i think... I hope...


2009-09-22 21:36:03 by foosearts


I was forced to do about 48754 fixes on the game because it was hard to follow. I hope those edits are worth it!!!