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2009-09-22 17:17:54 by foosearts

at last, i finsihed the damn game for

I had to recode the whole thing because i chose a very unorthodox method at first. It's being beta tested but this shall avenge Zilch Lite! and.. Nurse Betty....


First blood

2009-09-17 19:09:07 by foosearts

ok, so my first game, Zilch Lite was Blammed like, within one hour. Ok, so I move on, this time I'm thinking of a short clip!! I hope it survives and grow to be a strong boy, just like Forest Gump.

Here we go!

2009-09-17 00:43:48 by foosearts

all right! First game I made in Flash! Also more to come. Umm, well, I think that's it. I have class tomorrow.