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Update: Escape the Bathroom 3D: Out of the Bathroom

2009-10-19 07:49:31 by foosearts

Finally! this game is MUCH bigger and more flexible than Escape the Bathroom. So far it boasts 34 default cameras (close ups NOT included in this count) and you have a few unique features unlike the other Escape games out there. For instance, you have the ability to turn 4 different directions on the spot for EACH movement (except for close ups). I commonly see escape games where you can turn a few times, but only at certain places.

We're addressing the problems/complaints from the first, this time we're lengthening the game by a lot, including more puzzles and more voice overs from.. well.. me!

I have a mid term to study for. And I haven't slept a wink yet. Peace.


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